data visualization

I have been thinking again about the data visualization challenges and projects I did while working on the freeCodeCamp curriculum. I really need to re-do the challenges and then figure out my own projects. As I have written elsewhere, I believe data visual...

spoofing and boofing

I have no fucking idea what I mean by this corny title, but there we go. I’m feeling in a kind of nonsense mood. Yet another day of watching TV and avoiding my dire living situation. I’m getting food only from food pantries and food stamps, and yet I sit ar...

fucking off

I’m fucking off yet another day as an unemployed bum, and, of course, I don’t feel good about it. I just saw a story from the Young Turks that featured an asshole on Fox News who claimed that the real problem with welfare services these days is that people ...

bus terminal

I don’t know why Google Drive doesn’t work on my laptop, but it doesn’t. Ah well.

day after Christmas

Today is the day after Christmas, and I am sitting on a couch in my mom’s house, typing in an awkward position. In fact, let me move to a table.

more JavaScript algorithms

Here is another list of JavaScript algorithms I have coded out on, all taken from the freeCodeCamp curriculum. Each of these algorithms is a discrete problem that can be solved in a number of ways using any of a number of programming languages. In m...

website security

Here are some notes I wrote for a freeCodeCamp tutorial on the use of HelmetJS and BCrypt as tools for ensuring website security. The same notes, along with the code, can be found in this GitHub repository.

javascript algorithms

These algorithms are from a course titled Learning Algorithms in JavaScript From Scratch. Each algorithm is assigned a separate folder, index.html file, and main.js file. (I have also, now, copied all the code to files and linked them on t...

playing guitar again

Let me riff a bit on playing the guitar again. I go through these awful periods where I don’t play guitar. In fact, I haven’t played any guitar in more than six months. It always helps to get out of these non-guitar funks if I have some sort of plan as to w...

trying a new writing tool

This is possibly the second blog post for me today. I tried out Adobe InCopy when I wrote this morning (meh…), so this time around I am using to write something. Again, I’m not sure how this is an improvement over writing with MSWord or with Goo...

writing about writing

Let me try writing an entire blog post worth of words, just testing out the software a bit. This thing has word count, so I just need to drone on a bit until I reach my 500-word minimum. Still, I’m just freewriting, but freewriting with a direction in mind.

another day of coding

I don’t have a lot to say other than it has been a while since I have written a post for this blog. If this blog was a baby I could be charged with neglect.

eating my lunch

I’m in between teaching classes just now, eating my lunch and fucking around. I haven’t written a post for this blog for quite a while, so let me write a bit and see how it turns out.

organizing my coding notes

I’ve been working for the past few days to reorganize all my notes on various coding tutorials, creating README files and making sure all the repositories are up and running. Let me list and link all the repos here so I have a central listing of all the cod...

coding notes

I thought I might as well blog this. These are notes for a Udemy course titled JavaScript Interview Prep. The answers below are coded out on the and Codepen websites. I have added hyperlinks to each of the code examples.

need to work out

I have been trying to get back into the habit of exercising regularly, but my back went out this past week. Finally, today I feel like I can do it. I went to the gym a few days ago, but I couldn’t complete even the most basic workout. Today I should do some...

new day coding

Just like yesterday, I’m going to write this post as quickly as I can. Let me just keep going until I have my required 500 words, and then I’m done.

writing quickly

Let me try to write 500 words as quickly as I can. I really need to get back to writing this blog more regularly. I think I have written only one other post this month. Not good enough. My purpose in writing this blog is to get daily practice in writing, an...

I need to write more

I just learned how to create to-do lists in markdown. Here is a basic example.

job applications

I thought I would take some time just now to bang out my daily 500 words (at least I wish I did it daily).


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