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Jim Carroll

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I am a cultural historian, specializing in African American and African diasporic music history - as such, I span the academic disciplines of Africana studies, musicology, and history. My doctoral dissertation is titled Composing the African Atlantic: Sun Ra, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, and the Poetics of African Diasporic Composition. Please, if you are interested, take a look at my academic CV (current as of March 2018).

Musically, I play blues and jazz guitar, and I gig far too little. In addition, I compose music, having addressed various styles from classical to bebop to big band to Afrobeat. You can listen to some of my music on I am working toward posting more music as well as some of my scores.

I am a self-taught web developer, having read a few books on the subject and completed a number of online tutorials. My ultimate goal with coding is to use these skills in my academic work, posting my writing and teaching materials online and participating in the broad field of digital humanities. Please check out my partial web development portfolio below.

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A Web Development Portfolio



This is a blog created using the Jekyll static-site generator, adapting a theme created by Tayan Tatli.

Travel Site

Clear View Escapes

This is a demonstration project created as part of an online coding tutorial. Note that the page has some interesting CSS and JavaScript features.

Premium Portfolio

Premium Portfolio

This demonstration portfolio was created using Bootstrap 4, also making use of the Isotope jQuery plugin. It is quite a nice page that includes two photo carousels and a number of nice, subtle CSS transitions. Also note that this is one of the first projects I have created while using the Coolors website to set a color palette for styling the page.



While this project is a bit goofy, it is the first app I have created using the React JavaScript library, also making use of the Tachyons CSS framework as well as the jsonplaceholder and robohash APIs.

Project 4

Background Generator

This is a simple JavaScript app that generates the CSS code for a linear-gradient page background, taking the guessing out of the equation.

Airspace Agency

Airspace Web Developers

This is a demonstration site created using the Jekyll static-site generator and Bootstrap CSS framework. Note that while Jekyll is most useful for creating blogs, it can also be used to create entire sites.


Natours Travel Agency

This is a demo site created using only HTML and CSS. Some of the advanced CSS features might lead one to believe that there is JavaScript involved, but this is not so.

Dice Game

Roll the Dice

This is a simple dice game created using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Playing it can be rather addictive.


Newsworthy News App

This app makes use of to access news stories from several publications. It is coded mostly using JavaScript, with a minimum amount of HTML and CSS.

Face Recognition App

Smart-Brain Face Recognition App

This app, deployed on Heroku, analyses web images and identifies faces within the images (currently only one face per image, but I'm working toward getting it to identify multiple faces). The app was created using React, and it has a back-end server as well as a users sign-in database.

Face Recognition App

PowerPoint Slides for American History

While this page is not an app, it does respresent a good deal of work that I have put together in an HTML page. Just a little taste of what I do as a teacher.

NPM Package

My First NPM Package

This is a dead simple jQuery plugin that automates the task of adding links to an HTML page. While it may be of limited use, it is officially my first NPM package script.

Budget App

Budget App

This is a simple budgeting app that I created for a web tutorial using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I plan to upgrade this app at some point with a back-end database so it can store information after the close of a session.

U.S. History Timeline

U.S. History Timeline

This is a timeline I created as a quick and dirty overview of U.S. history from first European settlement to the Civil War. It is meant to be part of an introductory lecture for American History 2, which begins its narrative with the Civil War. I used an excellent JavaScript template called TimeLineJS to create this page, and I put it online so the students could view it at their leisure.

Sun Ra Appreciation Page

Sun Ra Appreciation Page

This was the first web page I created - a simple tribute page, done as a project for the FreeCodeCamp tutorial site. While it is a simple page, it has an interesting random quote generator that chooses from a number of Sun Ra quotes every time the page is refreshed or you click on a button. I guess this page also marks my first use of JavaScript.

Zero-to-Mastery Resources Page

Zero-to-Mastery Resources Page

This is an open-source project I have been contributing to for a while. Started as a student driven project for a Udemy course title The Complete Web Developer in 2018: Zero to Mastery, this is a growing repository of resources one can use for web development. I have been involved in adding resources and re-organizing the site, and I recently created a full web page for the project so it could be more presentable than just a repository with a series of markdown pages.

Local Storage of Tweets

Local Storage of Tweets

I created this project using minimal HTML and CSS, but with more attention paid to the JavaScript. This is a project for a Udemy tutorial, created as a means of learning to use browser storage to save results after the page is refreshed, or after the page is closed and opened again.

Freewriting blog

A Freewriting Blog

This is a blog I created using the Jekyll site generator. The substance of the blog is useless to anyone but me, but this was my first experiment with a Jekyll blog. Note the minimalist structure and layout for this site - something I particularly appreciate in web design.


Coffeeshop Demonstration Site

This is a full site created with the Zurb Foundation front-end framework. Notice that it has several subtle animations, a modal photo gallery, and a fully validated reservations page. Now if I could just get the PHP email to work...

Hotel and Spa

Hotel & Spa Demonstration Site

This is another site created with the Zurb Foundation front-end framework. It has many of the same features from my coffeeshop project like a photo gallery and validated forms, but with a different design. I am currently working on this site to create a WordPress theme.

Wikipedia Viewer

Wikipedia Viewer

This is an older project I created for freeCodeCamp, re-deployed on Github Pages. It's just a simple search page that accesses Wikipedia through their API.

Drum Machine

Basic Drum Machine

This is a relatively recent project I created for freeCodeCamp, using React in Codepen. While I have deployed React apps on Github Pages before, I thought it might be nice and restful to give Codepen a chance again. In any event, have some fun with this one.

Markdown previewer

Markdown Previewer

I like this project a lot, I must say. If you input Markdown text in the form's textarea, the app outputs formatted HTML on the page. This is a nice way to preview Markdown text.

Randome quote machine

Random Quote Machine

This is a relatively recent project I created for freeCodeCamp, using React in Codepen. While I have deployed React apps on Github Pages before, I thought it might be nice and restful to give Codepen a chance again. In any event, have some fun with this one.

Choropleth map

Choropleth Map

This is freeCodeCamp data visualization project using D3.js. The map uses data taken from the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Census to show educational attainment by counties throughout the country.

Heat Map

Heat Map

Yet another freeCodeCamp data visualization project using D3.js. This map shows average monthly land-surface temperatures from 1753-2015. It's interesting to note that some of the warmest temperatures were in the 1700s, although there is an overall increase in land-surface temperature since about the 1990s.

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Jim Esther Terry Award

Jim & Ernest Gibson

2013 & 2014 Esther Terry Dissertation Award winners
Jim and Mtali

Jim & Mtali

Jim & Mtali Banda playing a gig for an Event at UMass
Jim Jamming

Jim & group Jamming

Jamming on a blues with the New Africa House ensemble
Jim Face

A Close-Up

Zanaya took this goofy picture